Jesus Calling March 13

By – Sarah Young To live beyond the struggles of life, one must seek a dedicated time with the One who has conquered the world. This world is full of adversity and distress that are deeply ingrained in its existence. Only by allowing the power of the Divine to flow within you can you face … Read more

Jesus Calling February 27

By – Sarah Young Pay attention to me! Challenges are sweeping over you, and it may seem like giving up is the only option. However, as your circumstances start to dominate your thoughts, you may lose sight of me. But I am always with you, holding you by your right hand. I know what you … Read more

Jesus Calling February 28

By – Sarah Young Avoid judging and assessing yourself, as this is not your responsibility. Comparing yourself to others only leads to feelings of pride or inferiority, which is both meaningless and incorrect. Each individual has a unique path tailor-made for them, which I guide them along. Seeking validation from your own assessments or others’ … Read more