Jesus Calling March 13

By – Sarah Young

To live beyond the struggles of life, one must seek a dedicated time with the One who has conquered the world. This world is full of adversity and distress that are deeply ingrained in its existence. Only by allowing the power of the Divine to flow within you can you face this never-ending stream of problems with a positive attitude.

When you spend quiet moments in the Divine Presence, your mind and heart are filled with peace. Gradually, you are liberated from the worldly constraints that pull you down, and you rise above your circumstances. With the help of Divine wisdom, you start to see your life from a broader perspective, differentiating between the essential and the trivial. Relax in the Divine Presence, and receive a sense of joy that no one can steal away from you.

Jesus Calling March 13

John 16:33

I have shared these words with you so that you may find peace in me. You will face many trials and difficulties in this world, but do not lose hope. I have already conquered this world, and you can take comfort in that fact.

John 16:22

You may experience sorrow and pain at present, but hold on to the promise that we will meet again, and your hearts will be filled with joy. This joy is not temporary and cannot be taken away by anyone.

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